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Secure Together:
Understanding Attachment Styles
& Self-Worth

Oct 4-7, 2024



Emotional Regulation Techniques

Navigating Dissociation & Stonewalling

Managing Core Wounds & Triggers

Listening & Empathy Techniques

Identifying & Expressing Needs

Shifting to a Secure Attachment Style

Communication & De-Escalation Skills

Guided Meditation & Grounding

Breathwork & Yin Yoga



Kim Polinder Best Therapist in Los Angeles, California

Kim Polinder

Keynote Speaker
Relationship Coach

Annett Bone  Best Relationship Coach in Los Angeles, California

Annett Bone

Skills Workshop Facilitator

Relationship Coach

Mason O'Sullivan  Best Life Coach in Los Angeles, California

Mason O'Sullivan

Skills Workshop Facilitator
Relationship Coach

Lila Roe Best Yoga Instructor Breathwork in Los Angeles, California

Lila Roe

Breathwork & Yoga Instructor

Therapy Closeup

Jon and Vidya, CA

“Working with Kim transformed our relationship. Her exercises and techniques gave us the tools to improve our communication and improve our understanding of each other. Highly recommended!"

Emily, NY

Kim's support helped me gain insight into lifelong patterns I had of choosing narcissistic partners. I feel more confident and am understanding how these patterns started when I was young. I'm grateful for the growth I have experienced so far!

Max, TX

“Kim exceeded my expectations. Her approach opened my eyes to past wounds and equipped me with valuable tools for understanding me and my partner's attachment styles.”

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